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Media Head

“Impact and storytelling is at the heart of everything I do. I firmly believe everyone in this universe has a story to tell. And if it can be written or thought, it surly can be picturized to have more impact.

While I was searching around for a profession that could have put my observation and inquisitive skills to good use, I became a researcher at the TV Today Network. There, my editor described me as tenacious and persuasive storyteller. I then moved onto to help produce news and current affairs content for a number of broadcasters and broadsheet including BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, ITV, Doordarshan, Star TV, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph, often setting the news agenda. Along the way, I worked with many leading international charities including WWF, TRAFFIC India, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, UNICEF, and Public Service Broadcasting Trust to produce films.

My work won prestigious international media awards along the way, including Indian National Award, Scoop of the year award - UK. And in 2007 I went onto IVLP (The International Visitor Leadership Program), U.S. Department of State's premier professional exchange program.

I can help you with training films, campaign films, animation films, corporate films, live Streaming and can deliver media training as per the requirement”.

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